Php and ajax support/chat script demo

Support Status Offline

This script can be used as a regular chatroom or a basic support chat. Has notification sound, message users individually and more.
Easy to extend and modify to your requirements. Core script is done for you. Or just use as a learning tool.

Support Chat Pop Up

First select your online status for support chat

This page has the php include that displays the status image.
You would add this include to your website where you want the image to appear.
It activates the link to the support chat along with changing the image.

Then register as admin below and it will take you to the chat area.


Donate and Download Support Chat Website 2 Go

Select the Crypto you would like to donate.

An address will load. Scan QR or copy the address. Donate, then enter transaction number.
If donation was confirmed the download link will load.
Do not close the page till you complete the donation.
You can also email me the transaction number and I will send the
download link to you. Thank you for helping the handicapped.

CMXads Crypto Donate and Download Script.

This is where you login after setting support chat status to Online.
You can add more group options to this drop down select for multiple rooms.

Users have another sign in page for them. You can add more group options.

Admin Sign in

Username: Group:

This form flushes the data files.
Choose the option to flush the file.
Choose "groups" to clear messages.
Choose "users" to clear all user names
Choose "logs" to clear user data.

Users have another sign in page for them. You can add more group options.

Clear chat files

Choose file: