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typingSo easy a cave man can do it!.
From experienced web developers to the up and coming anyone can build a database application fast and easily. Even a novice can generate an app with minimal coding experience. The Php coder Guru does it all for you. All you need to do is set up your database tables in your database. This app generates the statements for you along with it has many other utilities to speed your work at your finger tips.
Just click on the table or tables you want in your app and generate the forms and classes with just a click. You can also build basic database driven websites or apps. The Php Coder Guru uses ADODB for versatility.

Screen shot of the New advanced query builder and runner.

typingMake short work of the business logic with the Php Guru SQL Query Builder.
With advanced query options and prefixes you can generate any query you may need amd run it to test. Every possible option is included as well as selecting multiple table queries etc etc etc. A must see and a must have webdev utility.

Screen shot of the framework options.

typingGenerate any part of a framework or a whole app with a click.
From the advanced page you can generate forms, insert, delete, update, view one, list and CRUD classes with just a click. You can generate certain parts or just one table you need and copy to your folders or you can generate classes for every table in the database. Just click generate and a whole site is built in a second and copied to the weddev directory for further work and styling etc etc..

Screen shot of the generated framework class.

typingGenerate a class for your forms with a click.
From the advanced page you can generate a class for any part of the system you are building. Generate a form and the supporting classes, retrieve DAO and table. On the left side bar is your list of databases and tables just click on the link to generete code. Its so simple and fast. So you have time for enjoying life.

Screen shot of the logon page.

typingSupports many database types as long as they are installed on your server.
From the logon page you can select your database type. As long as your server has that database installed it will logon to the database and list all the tables in the database. You just click on a table in a listed database to generate code for that table or all the tables at once.

Packed with features to make your job easy!


  • Custom class generator just enter variable names.
  • Form extractor. Gets all the input names and make requests.
  • Build a class from a table.
  • Generate a plugin class with a click.
  • SQL statement generator.
  • XML output generator.
  • Full site editor with my own html5 and php if else tags.
  • Search and replace any string in all files in directories.
  • Site path lister for all files and directories from root.
  • Lists all your webdev projects links in your saved projects folder.
  • And much more. And I will be adding even more features!!.

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Try the Build A mySQLi Insert Form Online Utility

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  • Windows or Linux Server
  • Supporting Database Installed
  • AllowOverRideAll (include_path in htaccess)
  • Desire to build php database apps fast and easily
  • Thats it!
  • Happy coding friends!

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