Welcome to the new CMXads MLM Manager Php Script Demo website.

This is a complete feature packed MLM starter website for those that want to get into MLM as an actual webmaster owner and be the one that actually makes the money by getting people to promote your get rich schemes. You entice people to sign up by offering a large commission on their referred sales along with an earned commission on their downlines sales. A downline is people they get to signup through their affiliate ID link. When an affiliate makes a sale the sponsor gets a piece of it too. This is how you get people to join and put effort into promote what ever you are pawning. Most MLM is just e-books and other garbage information hyped up to sound like the best thing since sliced bread. But not only is this an affiliate program its also a pay for referrals program along with the downline sponsor feature. The pay for signups is separate from the sponsored downline and can be enabled and disabled in the settings panel.

There as so many admin features as far as user automated validation, stats trimming, sales logging via return url and much much more. I have set up a demo of a new CMS I have added for your main site content editing. A great feature is that you can edit your main content easily with or without logging into your control panel each time.

Best way for me to introduce you to my New MLM Script is to show you the easy and fun way to use the site.

To edit your main site content on the fly just go to your main index page which I have set to default for this demo and add ?edit to the url after the php. This loads the login form and you enter the secondary login password for editing is you set this in the settings panel. So lets take a look Click here for edit area demo and check this out!

When logged in you can also edit the content directly in the page on the affiliate login page and the signup page. Its so easy I have to tell ya.

To checkout the demo members area Click here and signup. You will be sant a demo password to login. This is the signup process so to test it you actually test it right?

When you are so excited and want to test the admin control panel just send a message to support and I will send you a temp login to give it a test drive.

To login to the members area Click here. I just know you are going to love it. To get a better insight on all the features checkout the site settings panel and click on the settings tips for details on the settings.

This is a turn key money making MLM script right out of the box. If your site is uploaded in root directory you do nothing but upload and login to the admin panel and change passord, thats it. If your site is in a subdirectory you will need to edit the one setting in a text editor before upload and enter the subdirectory name like so /sub. Thats it!

CMXads MLM Manager Affiliate program
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