CMXads-Cents an anti-google alternative for publisher and advertisers.

Welcome's NEW CMXads-Cents web advertising services website.
CMXads-Cents is a new advertising and publisher resource providing pay per click, paid impressions as well as an ad exchange option.
Publishers, you will never be banned or blocked like with google, playing god. There is a strict ant-cheat system and no one likes cheaters. You can cheat all you want multiple clicks from same ip are not paid or any other bot activity etc.
Advertisers, you have detailed reports which includes ip the address and host of each click and impression and you only pay for unique hits and clicks.
The same goes for publishers you have the same stats and you get paid for unique clicks or impression depending on the current program.
If you are just interested in an ad exchange that is offered as well at a 2 to 1 ratio
CMXads-Cents is in beta or just came online to be blunt so right now 12-3-2021 we have approx. 12 websites on board that include internet services, media, shopping and xrated.
So give it a try. You can sign up and try the exchange to test the control panel out.
You can have seperate accounts or your account can be changed at anytime.
Register by clicking the button below and see faqs page for more info.

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Website promotion. Graphics, ad copy, social media posting you name it
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