The Universal Affiliate
Feature packed affiliate tracking addon php script


New # 1: Added pay per valid click program for affiliates.
New # 2: Added pay per valid referred signups program for affiliates.
New # 3: Can run all the commission programs, combinations of, or just one.
New # 4: Stores invoice payout receipts for affiliates. One click print out.
New # 5: Can tie banner ID number with product for marketing analyzing.
New # 6: Automated validation tells you time to payout.
         New # 7: One click backup and restore DB.
         New # 8: Double form input to validate encrypted input.

Add affiliate Marketing to any Website

More features

  • Just upload and include tracking script in you product pages/store header.
  • Setting to encrypt url ref id and banner ID/product get values.
  • Can easily integrate affiliate tracking into your application. Ex:echo refid in form field.
  • Out of the box uses paypal buy now buttons or forms.
  • Logs pre order prospects that click checkout button.
  • Logs all posted variables from paypal return url rm=2 to a json file system.
  • Thank you page will display download link for digital goods based on return value.
  • Emails affiliate notice of sale.
  • Automatic sales validation by admin setting to allow for returns.
  • Clickthrough files automatically trimmed by date admin setting.
  • Invoice valid sales with a click.
  • Full site editing and order editing feature.
  • and more!.

User Area Features

  • Stats to check your clicks and reffering urls.
  • Check your sales and commissions.
  • Update your user profile and password.
  • Contact webmaster from your user area.
  • PM other members from your user area.
  • Affiliate links and banner area.
  • Receive an automatic email when a sale is made.

Administration area features include

  • Log sales and prospects.
  • Manually add affiliate sale and notify feature.
  • Referrer clicks/hits report
  • Affiliate sales reports
  • Pending unapproved sales
  • Add affiliate banners and text links
  • Delete affiliates
  • Delete sales
  • Approved or revoke sale status
  • Payout invoice for approved sales
  • Send mail to one or all affiliates
  • PM affiliates internally.
  • Update your admin login details
  • Listing of all current affiliates

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CMXads Crypto Download Script.

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All new text DB affiliate php script

This is a active affiliate program online now sell CMXads flat file cms scripts.6% commission.

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Pay Per Click .02 cents per valid click.

Pay Per Signup .25 cents per valid signup.

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