About CMXads Chatter

Chatter is a total directory read noSql twitter like website php script.

mySQLi version is available use contact.

1->Login recover with option to send password or decrypt password and print to page.
2->You can set the file trim to limit posts in files to tailor to your server resources.
3->Filters for duplicate posts.
4->Post directly to a user. Post shows in your posts view and in the recipients only as long as you do not add any @names in post box.
5->Account page to edit your login info and you can also change the header color and text.
6->Add profile picture.
7->Send direct messages to followers. Messages auto encrypt and decrypt.
8->Receive an email notice when you get a direct message. When a follow may be added sson.
9->Place a free site wide text ad. No need to spam posts.
10->Function data processing error log
11->ajax like, post and repost.
12->search trimmed archived posts and user profile descriptions.
13->More features may be added...

Want the script? Click here.

How to use this site script
When you access the index page you will be redirected to the mobile layout if mobile is detected
Click register button in login form.
There is no email confirmation with this demo site.
When you register successfully you will then click the login button
that will take you back to the main page where you log in.
Click on the account link and upload a profile image and set your page
header color, font color and header text.
You can then post chatter posts by typing hash tags in the hash tag
input box as so: #hastag #hashtag. Script makes a new file for each and
posts to it. Hash tags are letters and number only. All others are stripped.
To add urls, youtube videos and a link click the buttons and enter or it will be stripped.
You can post up to 200 letters in text box and this can be set to what ever you want.
Click on the smiley to add them to your post.
When you post from your user page posts are sent to any hash tags you include
in the post as well as the latest posts section, to your box and to any @users
you enter in the text area if they are following you.
When you reply to a post the thread displays on your page as one of your posts.
But if you reply to a post you cannot delete it so dont reply with something you may regret.
If you want to post to a non following user, search username without the @ sign
or find them in hashtag pages or the latest posts and click on their user name.
The post form will load and you can post to them directly that way.
Only they will get the post and you.
Posts from users other than yourself do not display on your user page unless
you login in and click view following posts. You can switch from your posts
to following posts.
You can delete your posts and posts sent to you.
You can delete account or change username..
If you change your username its like a deletion as the original user nolonger exits.
So before deleting account change username then delete account.
This site is set for quality not spam. Duplicate posts are deleted and post files
are trimmed to a couple hundred right now.
and post will not load if user is not found.
Any questions post below.




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will be adding location filtering by ip country code as a
backup. now based on user setting only as some use vpn from
other countries.
going to add an inactive user auto delete feature. an
inactive user of x amount of months that you set will be
purged with with all their posts.
this script is offered in a sql version as well.
added targeting users to follow by profile contents and
location. If these fields are set in your account settings
can match users to your interests and your location setting.
adding location to the settings inputs so can sort and order
posts and users by location and or profile keywords.
re posts are being calculated now. will be adding the
readout soon.
added re posting from archive to put the post back into
circulation. revives the thread so to speak.
added the total posts and will be adding total reposts as
I did allot of updates so thhe zip is not updated if
interested contact me I will zip it up pronto. I changed the
username filter from underscore to hyphen. Its easier as you
dont have to shift to type it in. and its not hidden by
underline link. I know text decoration none WTF
ok repost feature is now somewhat finalized for this first
version of cmxads chatter. good enough for now. thinking
about a new direction with the file system will keep you
i added a so called retweet feature. The repost is like a
reply or start a conversation. you can put hashtags users
and text so far no other content.
Hi I added an updated efficient search feature with a stop
words filter. Wrote a new function to write the trimmed
files to archives instead of deleting. So the search has the
option of searching archives and a user profile search
option was added too. Since this is flat file based i am
developing ways to speed things up by not scanning large
files if not needed. write to a small temp file with one
column for scanner for usernames etc. have to work in
deleting and overwriting these as well obviously. register
and let me know how its working for you
i also sell follows. want to be a hit on chatter its only 2
cents per follower. no follow back required
name:cmxads webmaster
added a bunch of additional features. can do this script in
sql and change layout. just developing it as i go along as
needed. register no confirmation email.just login after u
name:cmxads webmaster
i added the ajax post like button to the latest chatter
posts page. More to follow