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Crypto Balance and TXID Checker


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insider [03:40:30]
when are all the other coin and token gonna stop being the bitcoin lapdog???
Doge [04:45:43]
They gonna redo doge and make it better I hear. Put a limit and add staking would increase value. But yeah now it is floundering
Cat [16:43:51]
DOGE is a dead fish
noname [19:53:38]
well well well at least it did not diiip to 30k. Not yet anyway. This is why you sell off as sood as you are in the green. It is gonna drop back down so HODL the cash till it does.
Insider [20:13:51]
HODLers rakin grass while I rake in cash. Go crypto.
Insider [20:13:45]
Tip. Only trade with half your capital. When the dips hit. And they always do if you have not noticed by now. You got cash to average down or better you are buyin back in. Cause you sold high. But if its a 30% dip best to sell at a loss and buy back in. If you were up before the crash your loss will not be that great. You may just be losing your profit. Free Shout Script
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