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One of the most comprehensive product or services affiliate marketing website scripts tailored for your success. And most of all affiliate confidence which is important to grow your affiliates, increase your promotions and in turn your sales. It's a affiliate commission program, a pay per click option, a pay for referrals option and a safelist option all in one. This is the only marketing website you need!

CMXads Mega Marketer Affiliate Website Features

Here is a synopsis of the main features included in Mega Marketer

Main features

  1. Uses an encrypted secure paypal buy now form without going to paypal to make buttons.
  2. Logs prospective sale and email from those that click checkout button in case they don't complete checkout so you can email them.
  3. Use with your paypal return url to log all sale info to file, update sales database and return the download files for digital goods.
  4. You can run a sales commission affiliate program and or any combination of ppc and referral signup commission.
  5. All commission incentives must be approved by you before payout.
  6. PPC only records one click per IP address and must be approved by you after review.
  7. Paid referral signups have a system for approval based on a set amount of logins per time period you set.
  8. You set the waiting period days before a sales commission would be paid and you will be prompted to payout commission.
  9. Invoice valid sales, PPC, Signup commision in one invoice with a click.
  10. You can manually post a sale to an affiliate.
  11. Manage affilliates area with signup date, last login and delete user.
  12. You also have the option to run a safelist based on your setting.
  13. Database backup with a click.
  14. Restore from backup database with a click.
  15. Full file manager to edit files no need for ftp great for on the road working.
  16. File uploads with list files with cloaked download links and clicks are logged to file.
  17. Image manager for uploading and auto thumbnails in root.
  18. Image manager for banner uploads in user areas.
  19. Login monitors for limiting failed attempts and blocking.
  20. Video upload/manager with flash and html5 player codes insert with a click.
  21. and more!....

Product pages

  1. Uses a directory read product page system for efficiency.
  2. Based on a template system so it is easy to change template to your desired layout.
  3. To change template just paste the menu code and the body and meta tag replacement comments in your new template.
  4. Your new page content is replaced in the template and sent to the page file.
  5. Enter a page name to make a new page and use the most comprehensive editor ever devised to add you product sales copy.
  6. The cmxads custom editor has every html tag you need plus php include, if, else and endif insertion.
  7. Your content previews as you design your product page.
  8. Image manager, video and file managers insertion with just a click.
  9. For downloads we use the custom paypal form field with file name encrypted.
  10. On paypal return url custom form field value gets contsructed to download file location.
  11. Product name is based on the page name so your pages will be name the product you are selling.

CMXads safelist feature that guarantees the mail is read

  1. The best and most logical safelist system.
  2. Can be enabled by a paid upgrade automatically or setting a user level value.
  3. Why spend money for a mail server when the mail can be sent internally?
  4. Users have to login to send to the list anyway so with the CMXads safelist method users are forced to read all messages before they can access their stats and sales. It’s blackmail email!
  5. Users can send html emails to members and has html filters and a bad word filter.

I could go on and on my friends but the bottom line is you have to check it out for your self. To checkout the user area just register and get your temp password to login it. Tour the affiliate area and test things out. If you want to test the admin features email me from the support/mail link and I will email you a temp login. What are you waiting for? Do it now?

Test it out

If you would like any additional features, templates etc coding is only 10.00 per hour

Mega Marketer Affiliate Website $50.00

Select the Crypto you would like to use.

An address will load. Scan QR or copy the address. Donate, then enter transaction number.
If donation was confirmed the download link will load.
Do not close the page till you complete the donation.
You can also email me the transaction number and I will send the
download link to you. Thank you for helping the handicapped.

CMXads Crypto Download Script.


All new affiliate program that pays!

This is a active affiliate program for sales of Websites 2 Go.

Earn 6% commission on sales.
Earn .02 USD for valid clicks.
Earn .25 USD for referral signups.
Sign up below and tour the user area.

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