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here are some of the best and useful php scripts and snippets to help in your projects. Php displayed below. Use the search for specific script lookups. Click the category links to view scripts in Javascript and cgi. To add your own script click the link and add your useful script example.

you can delete all files by last modified date by setting time
comparison and files not to delete like the file itself

delete files based on last modified date comparison
delete-files-by-last-modified date added May 2013

//delete files in folder by time last modified
//set for 6 months 
es not delete itself and admin file
time() - 4368*60*60;
// $minu
s_wks time() - 2134*60*60;
$iterator = new DirectoryIterator(dirname(__FILE__
foreach (
$iterator as $fileinfo) {
    if (
$fileinfo->isFile()) {
strstr($fileinfo->getFilename(),\"admin.txt\") and !strstr($fileinfo->getFile
$fileinfo->getMTime() < $minus_wks){

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