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read directory return links with first line of file as description directory search file manipulation read and dis[;ay directory contents directory links read lin
directory-read-file-lines.txt (1)

scraper scrape html using domxml return rip html data from file or url and display by editing html tags to search for domxml dom xml content scraper dom-xml-scrape
dom-xml-scraper.txt (1)

delete file line search delimited csv field value delete file line csv field value field-search-delete-file-line-function.txt (1)

search field replace update delimited csv file line field values by field value update file replace line csv flatfile field field-search-replace-file-line-function.txt (1)

search delimited file match multiple column values array intersect csv array intersect match array values multiple delimited file csv match-multiple-values-return-line-array.txt (1)

strpos search an array. in array strpos. in array strpos muli dimensional search. in_array_strpos one liner speed search strpos in array return key // this returns
search-array-with-strpos.txt (3)

easiest method to search a delimited file column and update a column column value update delimited file update replace value search-column-replace-value-update-file-line.txt (1)

delete a line entry from a flat file using preg match rewrite data to file that does not match search delete file text database flatfile search-delete-file-line.txt (1)

search array by column value using in array and strpos return line and data search delimited file array by column strpos in array search tomatos search search-file-array-function.txt (4)

search text file line in an array using array search and strpos to print out search result lines in a list search-file-lines-array.txt (3)

How to search multiple colomns of text file and return results the easy way a basic example of using file, foreach, list, and 2 or more strpos with and / or search
search-multiple-text-file-columns.txt (2)

search and replace array values data base line array values replace search array search-replace.txt (2)

return text limit chars before and after searched word without breaking the words. search scripts function $word is search keyword search substr wordwrap search-re
search-return-lines.txt (4)

How to search a string using substr and strlen and strstr two methods search string strstr substr strlen search-string date added Jan 2013 search-string.txt (3)

update a flatfile database line searches for string returns line number and deletes line number search delete update-fileline.txt (1)

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