Russian Hacker Secrets

The guide, the tools and the defense all in one package.

Russian Hackers Handbook. The guide to a successful hack and the tools used in one convenient package.
To protect against hackers you MUST know how it is done to guard against them.
So we have put together the definitive hacking guide with additional tools like a open proxy scanner and a tool to help you guard your server from hackers. This is not all either.

Also included is detailed information on the most popular Russian rip off scams so you can detect them easily before you become a victim. And if you are a small business owner this information can save you from any losses from these scams.

This guide was years in the making to bring to you information you have never seen or heard. Why? because this kind of information is only found on the Dark Web.

We have delved into the under world to put this ultimate guide and information package together just for you. To help you protect yourself from these menaces of society.

Read more below to see all the the invaluable information, tools and server security scripts that are included in this fantastic and unbelievable ebook and resource package.

You get more than just an ebook remember.
You get the hackers tools and the anti-hacker tools for your websites or servers too.
Included is The Anon Proxy Client
Allows you to test proxies on serviceability, determine their type and working speed. Connected to the Internet with the remote server through a chain of SOCKS4, SOCKS5 and HTTPS proxy servers. Comes with all ipv4 addresses in the world to get you started.
ICQ Spider
Spider the ICQ while using the Anon Proxy and rip the info you want and need.
Hack Alert. The Anti-Hack Server Guard
With hack alert and a linux server you can protect your websites and server from hackers. Just modify the settings file and upload to your server. It scans your server for any changes. Like new files, modification time, scans for hacker code and more. It quarantines and renames any files automatically and emails you a report. Peace of mind and security you will be greatful for after reading this ebook thats for sure. See below for more great stuff.

Ebook Chapter Titles.

Here’s a synopsis of some of the invaluable information and resources contained in the Russian Hackers Guide Package.

  • A complete guide to hacking.
  • Details of a successful hack.
  • How hackers penetrate a fire wall.
  • How hackers avoid detection.
  • A complete guide to password cracking
  • 50,000 passwords hackers start with.
  • Improve the security of your site by hacking into it.
  • How to rip-off ATMs.
  • Scam department stores.
  • Credit Card Fraud.
  • Get free calling cards.
  • How to pick combination locks.
  • How to rip-off airlines.
  • How to burn game disks.
  • How to make an Atomic Bomb.(You cannot do it maybe an Iranian can LOL)
  • Explosive from aspirin?(toxic)
  • WOW. No wonder the USA does not like Russia!

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