Spam Secrets

What the marketing / affiliate sites won’t tell you.

Why? Marketing is highly competitive as it is the easy way to make buckets of money online. But there is a catch. The big marketing sites and brands need you to promote them. So they will not tell you everything if you knew what they new you would not need them.
You would have your own MLM site(get yours here) with your own affiliates like them and you would be the one getting rich. They have to keep you down. They need you to make them money. It is very simple to understand. That is why we have SPAM SECRETS to even the playing field in your favor.
Like they say. You will never get rich working to make someone else rich.

The definitive e-book on the secrets behind being successful with email marketing. Complied with tip’s from the most successful and wealthy spammers in the world.

Rake in profits from sales and sign ups and prospective clients. The original title is Spam Secrets because let us call it what it is. The result of email marketing is to find new prospects, future clients and customers am I right? That brings us to those targeted mailing lists. You can buy lists compiled of those who purchased a particular type of product or service this has the most potential.

But wait... depends on what you are selling.

Marketing to marketers most of the time will get you know where. Much like a spammer spamming your comment form with offers you yourself are marketing. We all are doing the same thing. The only case this would not apply is recruiting affiliates. As affiliates are always looking for new and more ways to increase their commissions and ultimately their bottom line.

And remember that people do not know what they want or need until they see it or hear about it. Very Important words.

So with that being said our and your goal is to find new fresh prospects and future clients and customers. So behold Spam Secrets! The blueprint to maximizing your profits online.

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When you are ready to stop spinning your wheels put the Spam Secrets plan into action and reap the rewards that you deserve for your online marketing efforts.

Chapter titles.

Here’s a synopsis of some of the invaluable information contained in this e-book.

  • How to make a fortune with E-mail.
  • Autoresponder’s.
  • Bulk friendly ISP’s.
  • CGI-bin Mailing.
  • List Building.
  • E-mailing guide.
  • Bulk friendly hosts.
  • What to expect.
  • Back online in no time.
  • Bulk e-mailing tips from millionaire spammers.

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