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The Hit n Blog Anonymous Blogger PhP CMS Script!

The Hit n Blog anonymous blogger cms php script was designed as a blogger or forum that will allow anyone to post topics and reply to posts.
There is no registration is required.
This is also a CMS website builder as well.
You can add additional pages seperate from the blog with the links
displaying on the top navigation bar. This feature can be disabled too.
Features include:

CMS page builder/editor with a great wysiwyg editor.
Admin area you can add pages, edit pages and delete.
Hide links, make links bold and arrange the page order.
Edit the text ad adspace feature and full file manager.
You can upload images and list image directory contents with links.
There is a web file manager to manage your site file with no ftp needed.
You add as many categories as you like by editing config page array.
You can delete posts and ban ip addresses(see README and config file for info)
A google like text ad rotator with manager.
The mobile ready template in html5 ready to go for all devises and phones.
and much more!
I hope you like it any questions just drop me an email!

Click here for the demo.

Donate n Download click here.

Please help me I am handicapped and support myself

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Please donate and help the handicapped.


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