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A simple cgi-bin safelist script

Easy to extend and add features and style to your desires.
Feature a paid safelist option using paypal or you can run as a free safelist.

Get the CMXads CGI-bin Safelist Email System Below.


Please help me I am handicapped and support myself

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Please donate and help the handicapped.


name:Renda Date:09.18.22 @ 06:54am IP:9.32713305..
Thanks alot I sent you 19 cents.

name:Dave Date:06.29.22 @ 06:05am IP:64111..16.6
Worked out great for me I sent you 29 cents.

name:Marcelene Date:06.27.22 @ 08:17am IP:...11616144
Thanks your the greatest.

name:Sergio Date:05.15.22 @ 10:19am IP:.5.8153182.1
Thanks I admire you I sent you 67 cents.

name:Kayleigh Date:04.18.22 @ 23:18pm IP:.215.128.218
Thanks for sharing.

name:Summer Date:01.26.22 @ 21:54pm IP:11..288.1153
I will give it a try. thanks.

name:Hester Date:10.15.18 @ 17:22pm IP:
Thanks I admire you I sent you 67 cents.

name:Rozella Date:10.11.18 @ 08:38am IP:
Thanks I love you I sent you 58 cents.

name:Peter Date:07.2.18 @ 07:46am IP:
This worked out great I sent you 19 cents.

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