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The Complete Government Auction Listings and Guide

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Hello! If you did not know already the Government auctions off tons of material assets(merchandise) at regular intervals throughout the year. You can buy just about anything for pennies on the dollar and resell at a huge markups. So why not take advantage of what the Government has to offer they sure as hell take advantage of us through taxation and more so start today! Everything you need to know and where to go is compiled in a convenient ebook you can access easily and quickly right from your desktop. Read below for complete detail on this must have ebook.

Most people are completely unaware of the bargains that can be found in the most unlikely of places, the government! We’re used to reading about the Pentagon paying $59.00 for a wrench, about the national debt rising higher and higher, so it’s excusable to not think of government and ‘sales’ in the same sentence.

Yet nearly every level of government from city and town on up through county, state and federal, has possession of excess property that must be disposed of. If this can be accomplished and money raised at the same time, why not? We want government to be fiscally responsible, right?

The most common method of parting with this overage of property is through auction sales. These affairs offer a unique opportunity to the right person purchases at bargain basement prices which you can turn around and sell at a profit! The money to be made staggers the imagination.

From property seized by police officers or customs officials to repossessions by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are thousands of items of all types available at rock bottom prices. Whether you’re merely buying for yourself or seeing this as a line of business that could make you a substantial profit, the key is to identify and locate these auctions.

You name it! Houses, cars, jewelry, yachts, government farm equipment, computers, firewood it’s there for the bidding and the buying! And, eventually the selling for profit!

You don’t need much experience for this. You are familiar with what many of these items cost today on the open market. If you buy it far enough below market value, you can still sell the property yourself at a discount and make a handsome profit. If you yourself have always wanted to own a luxury yacht, here’s your chance. You’ll never find your dream purchase at a lower price.

You could even start a second hand store or set up shop at a flea market or swap shop to peddle your merchandise after you’ve acquired it. Many of these places are havens for shoppers. You’ve simply gone them one better by obtaining the good(s) at an even lower price than they’ll pay and they’ll be pleased with their ‘bargain’. The purpose of our booklet is to point you in the right direction to find out about the various auctions that are held by virtually all branches of government. The listings in this book are as up to date as possible. Contacting these places listed should give you the information you need to begin your auction attendance.

There are open bidding auctions, where you shout out the dollar value you’re willing to pay following a minimum bid requirement called by the auctioneer. There are also sealed bid auctions where you submit the price you’re willing to pay. You get only one shot at that type of bidding.

Be careful with the open bid auctions. You can become so focused on a particular piece of property that you end up in a ‘bidding war’ that ends up with your paying more than you should and cutting well into your eventual profit. Be disciplined! Set a dollar limit ahead of time so that you can let certain items go if the bidding goes too high. This is a business now, so common money sense is important. You must now think in terms of expenses vs. revenue.

If you have a certain hobby or interest, property in this area may be your natural market. If you specialize, it can help you concentrate on only those items in the large auction areas where there are hundreds of people bidding for thousands of goods. Your focus will be in your area and you’ll soon be an expert on costs, prices and resale’s of this commodity. Auctions can be hyped up to the point of temptation to overbid. Don’t do it! Remember your goal, your budget and your knowledge of what things cost and you’ll do very well. Through the contacts listed in this booklet, you will find yourself on a regular mailing list of government auctions. Often, with the notice, you’ll receive a catalogue of the items to be sold and approximately what time they’ll be auctioned. This will allow you to budget your time wisely at these affairs and not get lost in the shuffle. Good luck!

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