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WOW! A no database url cloaking/shortening script with click stats. Free and pay versions.

Hi again!. I have just added another revolutionary no database url shortening/link cloaking script with link click tracking. Its only 3 small files and yes you do not use a database for this script. Its so simple you just upload and your in business. Provide a url shortening service and place your ads on the site and sell ad space. Its packed with features that make this script fool proof and simple. No need for an sql database or special hosting. Will run great even on free hosting. I have now added a complete banner exchange/ banner ads selling feature all automated. Is so simple even a caveman can advertise now.

Checkout these features!

1- No sql or text database for redirects.
2- URL validation checks if site is online.
3- Setting for max number of shortened urls per day per visitor.(full version)
4- Option to allow link tracking feature per url.
5- Link click stats trimmed by number of days you set.(full version)
6- Added a whole new caveman banner advertising feature.(full version)
7- Sell banner ads clicks.(full version)
7- Banner click stats emailed to client.(full version)

Click here for the Online Full Version.

Download the free url shortener version with click stats.

Click Here to download free version

Get the complete URL shortening php script with banner ads/exchange manager.

Pay in BTC LTC or DOGE and get an instant download link upon transaction confirmation.

Caveman Banner Full Version $20.00

Select the Crypto you would like to use.

An address will load. Scan QR or copy the address. Donate, then enter transaction number.
If donation was confirmed the download link will load.
Do not close the page till you complete the donation.
You can also email me the transaction number and I will send the
download link to you. Thank you for helping the handicapped.

CMXads Crypto Download Script.

Please help me I am handicapped and support myself

Donate With PayPal


Donate Bitcoin

Please donate and help the handicapped.


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