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The Best Unlimited topics automated Flat File Php Ajax Comments website include.

Hi! Here is a plug and play flat file comments system that makes a new db file for every topic based on page name. You can set it to use a get value as the topic file too. Its a ready to go plug and play deal. Just set a get key if using get. otherwise just include it on your page. It is that simple.
Features include:.
1 - Use as an include or stand alone
2 - Php and Ajax(Jquery))
3 - Set get key page.htm?comment(optional) and upload.
3 - Strips the extension from page basename. php htm or html for file name.
4 - Automatic topic db file based on page name.
5 - Input filters
6 - Auto load comment on submit no refresh
7 - Unlimted topics on unlimited pages.
8 - Flatfile delimited database(portable)
9 - Only 3 files
Click here for the demo.

Click here for the Full download.

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