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CMXads FREE Affiliate Program Php Script SQL. Not SQLI
You must update the scripts to SQLI. Thats why it is free

Or for a 20.00 BitCoin donation I can update it for you.
Start your own affiliate program today
with the CM-X Affiliate PhP Script.
The X is for Xtendable. SQL based.
Looking for a text based script?
Can convert to text based too! Just inquire
Easy to integate into your site.
Or just as a stand alone site.
Options for single item sales or cart.
Comes with PayPal integrated form
and manual card proccessing form.

User Area Features

Stats area to check your clicks and reffering urls.
Check your sales and commissions.
Update your user profile and password.
Contact webmaster from your user area.
Affiliate links and banner area.

Administration area features include

Manual add affiliate sale and notify.
Refferer clicks/hits report
Affiliate sales reports
Pending unapproved sales
Add affiliate banners
Delete affiliates
Delete sales
Approved sale status
Payout invoice for approved sales
Send mail to one or all affiliates
Update your admin login details
Listing of all current affiliates

Screen Shots of admin area

Admin a affiliate banners

Admin view affiliate click throughs

Admin send mail to affiliates

Admin manage affiliates

Admin enter asign a sale manually

Admin manage affiliate sales

Admin update login info

Easy to add to any site and form field just add a form field to Php echo the affiliate RefId.
Tracks using cookies and sessions. Uses SQL and is PhP5 compatable. Add the tracking script to store or product page as a PhP include.
Will work PayPal buy now/PayPal cart or other payment services. It will register a pending sale and email your affiliate and you a notice.
With your own cart add the affiliate include to the cart pages as well. You can disable auto registering of sale and do it manually if desired.
Full support and set up help if needed.


Visit for more great scripts. New! Webfile manager and text based SQL database. Upload these scripts into a subdirectory and it is like a hosting account. Sell or give away hosting accounts with site builder from your subdirectories. Visit for more info.

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