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Websites 2 Go. Instant Personal Websites Shopping and Business CMS

Updated all Websites 2 Go as of Nov 20, 2021.

Hi!This is my series of Websites 2 Go. Instant websites with cool
and unique templates. And another Holy Grail on the way.
Your very own personal website is just a click away.
But it is Xtendable as well. Like adding shopping pages etc.
I have any add on script you might want to do what you want. Your gonna love it.
Just upload the folder to a hosting account and start editing from
your browser, need free hosting?
Get it -->>HERE<<--

Websites 2 Go features include:
1 - Vey unique html5 templates cross browser compatible..
2 - One page of code, css, image and page content folders.
3 - Edit pages from EDIT link in footer using password you set at top of the index page.
4 - Add new page just enter a new page name in edit mode.
5 - Delete page with one click and password
6 - Easy to set up with 3 variables. Password. Folder Website is in and your landing page(home).
7 - Upload and you are ready 2 go. Go to the index page.
8 - Links are added to side bar for every page added. Static links for contact, about, privacy and home.
9 - Easy to change the template or I can do for one dollar and 25 cents

I can help you in anyway I can. Just ask. I have many add on scripts.

Addon scripts include:

and more!

A new total cross browser compatible template is here.
Uses only one small java script for the mobile type menu. Fast loading and floating.

Click Here for the Holy Grail Website 2 Go demo

Click Here for the Tranquil Website 2 Go demo

Click Here for the On Fire Website 2 Go demo

Click Here for the Rock Website 2 Go demo

Click Here for the Sundown Website 2 Go demo

One minute setup. 5 color theme online store. Kool Kart

CL Type Personals Website 2 Go

Chatter (twitter) Social Media

Music promotion Websites 2 Go (sound cloud)

Video promotion Websites 2 Go

All are free to download and I hope you find it useful and donate. Thanks for stopping by!

Click Here to download Holy Grail.

Click Here to download Tranquil.

Click Here to download On Fire.

Click Here to download The Rock.

Click Here to download Sundown.

Click Here to download Solitude.

Please help me I am handicapped and support myself

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Please donate and help the handicapped.


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