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Hi!. I would like to offer you a great value in a website and web hosting package.

A great deal in a 10 page static website design and one year c-panel hosting with generous storage and bandwidth for 149.99. Or a 5 static page web design deal with hosting for only 99.99.

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You can choose from any of my scripts on this site to be set up to your liking or I can modify any of the many ready to install sites from c-panel such as joomla, os commerce etc etc. I also can manage your site as far as updates to existing pages adding new content and any other services you may want or need. This can be by monthly subscription or pay as you go which would be for sql sites for adding products to your site.

I offer just about any web service you would want or need.
So please contact me for any additional info you may want and let me know what you would like.
All you need is your own domain. I only accept crypto currency. Just let me know your domain name and your hosting will be set up and temporary login info will be sent to you. You can quick message me at the bottom of the page.

Thank you very much for stopping by.

Please help me I am handicapped and support myself

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